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MyPolitics.org helps you to understand key political issues and to determine your natural political affiliation between the Republican and Democratic Parties. In addition, our website helps you identify specific candidates that fit most closely with your political beliefs. Our site is unaffiliated with any political party or candidate, and tries to be as unbiased as possible. Furthermore, MyPolitics.org will neither collect any personal information about you, nor track your political opinions. We are providing this service because we know that the issues are complex and would like to help voters make informed political choices that reflect their personal beliefs.

In this site, you will be given information concerning 28 major political issues, ranging from abortion to inheritance taxes to gun control to foreign humanitarian interventions. You will be asked to identify your positions about them, after which we’ll provide you analysis on where you stand relative to the major political parties as well as specific candidates.

Whether unaffiliated or a party partisan, MyPolitics.org will help you better understand individual issues, as well as who to vote for. As an added benefit, we hope to give you a better appreciation for the views of people you disagree with. Our only agenda is to assist you.